The issues that plague our state

are something that need to be addressed as soon as possible. Illinois is quickly losing residents, has a dangerously low credit rating, and is not thriving as it should be. Help Alyssia fight against the policies and gridlock that have been holding us back! Read more about a few of the issues Alyssia plans on tackling in Springfield!

Balancing the Budget

Politicians in Springfield have been playing games for too long with our tax dollars. It’s completely unacceptable that they refuse to that the rob “Peter to pay Paul” antics hurt our communities.

A truly balanced state budget is imperative to a thriving economy and secure future for our state. When we operate with a balanced budget, businesses feel more confident about staying in Illinois for the long-term. It also provides stability to our state’s economy and allows funding for much-needed programs to be stable from year-to-year.

As a state Representative, I will work with everyone – Republicans and Democrats – in good faith and with conviction to make sure we have a balanced budget every year.

Education Reform

Opportunities for a quality education should not be determined by zip code. As a child, I attended Chicago Public Schools on the west side of Chicago, and my mother recognized that a quality education is the key to the chance at a successful life. While I was a CPS student, my mother sacrificed to send me to a better high school outside the district – over an hour away. Because of that, I understand the impact that a quality education can have on the lives of young people.

I am currently working toward a doctoral degree with a concentration in education finance and funding. I believe a child’s potential should not be limited to the neighborhood they live in or that they can be denied access to a quality education because of socioeconomic status.

Education is a one of my top priorities, and as a legislator, I will fight to make sure every child in Illinois has the same opportunity that I had.

Jobs, the Economy, & Supporting Small Business

The high cost of doing business in Illinois is driving our small businesses to neighboring states. Taxes, workers’ compensation costs and the uncertainty of a sustainable future are reasons job-creators are leaving Illinois.

As a CPA representing small businesses for years, I feel it is irresponsible of our state government to impose tax increases and onerous regulations that will make it more difficult for small businesses to be successful and thrive in Illinois. I founded and partner in a firm that has been in Illinois for over 20 years and employs Illinois residents, and we are committed to staying here because this is our home.

As state Representative, Alyssia will sponsor and support legislation that will make it easier for small businesses to be competitive in Illinois.

Term Limits, Rooting Out Corruption, & Ending the Gridlock

Illinois’ political class has failed our communities. They rig the system to make it work for themselves and not for the people of Illinois. They stay in office too long to reap the benefits of power and position.

That’s why as state Representative, I will support legislation and a constitutional amendment for legislative term limits. I don’t believe in making a career out of serving in the General Assembly, which is why I also plan to impose a term limit on my own time in the state legislature.


Property Taxes

High property taxes in Illinois make it hard for families to make ends meet. We need some lasting relief from the heavy burden of property taxes without hurting our schools and communities. I believe we need serious proper tax reforms that can give families some peace of mind about their pocketbooks while allowing our villages, cities, fire protection districts and schools to have an opportunity to control their costs and creating efficiencies through public-private partnerships, shared services and other innovations.

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